Manufacturing Process

manufacturingThe manufacturing process starts with you, the customer. Once a Stock Spring Catalogue. Upon submitting a quote we would point out any deviation at this point, examples being wire size or finish. We may also make any design recommendations, to ensure a reliable spring, as well. Once you submit a purchase order the drawing and specs are reviewed to ensure a good design & all required tolerances are listed for manufacturing.The order is then entered into our system, and an acknowledgement form is generated back to the customer. The internal job sheet is then posted to stock raw material, we place an order for material if needed. If material is available the order is sent to the shop to either go to the coiling, handwork, or secondary department.COILING – This is the area where the automatic CNC coiling machinery operated. Automatic coilers can handle wire from 0.25mm to 16.00mmHAND WORK – This is where small quantities of springs are made by hand. If a customer wants less than 15 springs, the job is given to the Hand Work department. Since the setup time is minimal, the springs can be produced more quickly & economically.SECONDARY – the secondary department is where the small quantities of wire is bent by hand. This is where, once the spring is coiled, the ends of torsion springs are formed, where loops are put onto the ends of extension springs, and where wire forms are made.GRINDING – This is the department where the ends of compression springs are ground. A lot of the work is done with automatic machines, which pass the springs between 2 large grinding wheels so that both sides of the spring can be ground at once.manufacturing1QUALITY CONTROL – Checks tolerance to ensure your springs were manufactured to your specifications. Tolerances generally held to S.M.I commercial standards and not to a machinist block.

FINISHING – There are many finishing touches that you can put on your springs. Some of these are necessary, while others may be called for by the design you have in mind.  We can paint your springs or add a colour code stripe. Powder coating, Passivating, Plating & Electro polishing are all examples of types of coatings added to springs, mostly as an environmental protection.

SHIPPING – Before your springs are shipped we package them in bags, boxes, drums or pallets all dependent upon the lot size. We can handle customer stock codes on shipping details & release schedules to include blanket orders.

We can custom label each package. We will ship using which ever freight carrier the customer requests, or the most economical.

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